Dan Kubin DMC Machine

  • Dan Kubin DMC Machine
  • Dan Kubin DMC Machine


The DMC is a punchy all purpose driver for both standard and cartridge needles.

Effortlessly line off the tip of the needle, and shade and pack with finesse and ease.

No tuning. No lubrication.  

Flipping polarity of the clipcord significantly changes the hit of the machine from sharp to slightly dull.  The sharper setting mainly for larger lines and precision shading, and the duller setting for fine line and lower volts operations.

There is an adjustment screw for disengaging a return spring for use with cartridges.  Back it out all the way when using cartridges, and turn it in all the way when using standard needles.

The thumbscrew on the DMC is ambidextrous.  This means it can be on either side of the frame to suit the artist's preferences.

The clip cord holes are tapered. One can insert their cord easier, and lock it in place.  This will ensure a very solid electrical connection.*This is only if your clip cord prongs are of a standard size.

Runs in the 4.5-6.5 volt range.  (This will increase over time as the motor breaks in.)

The DMC is a continuation of the technology of the Swingliner, but with a more crispy hit.

Patent pending.

*We will not ship these machines to the UK or EU, please refer to Lucky Supply Europe for Purchasing in the UK or EU* 


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