Dan Kubin Sidewinder Model V6

Price: $760.00

The renouned rotary liner.  Effortlessly sink any size line by just grazing the skin.

Now easier to tune and has the silent option.

Fully adjustable.  This machine is more of a professional's instrument rather than a "plug and play" machine.  

Can be used as a shader/packer, but does best running on the faster side.

For Standard needles only PLEASE.  (for a cartridge friendly liner, please check out the DMC)

For Sidewinder Tuning and Repair videos click here

Machines are posted on Sundays between 9a.m. and 12p.m. CST. Check your world clock for Chicago time.

*We will not ship these machines to the UK or EU, please refer to Lucky Supply Europe for Purchasing in the UK or EU*

Be sure to use round tube tips to prevent spitting.