Saltwater Tattoo Supply Tattoo Pen Sample Pack

$14.00 - $35.00


The ORIGINAL Tattoo Pen Sample pack. This pen is made for writing on skin pre-tattoo. If you have ever struggled with pens in the past like I have, such as clogging, disappearing while tattooing, or vague and inconsistent lines, then you will LOVE the Tattoo Pen. It is a solid brass housing holding a 1.6mm standard size, or 1.0mm fine-line, ball point and carrying the best ink money can buy. They are the best quality of pens available for drawing a stencil on skin, but cheap enough to be single use and disposable for health standards and sterility.

The 14 Pack holds a total of 14 non-toxic skin markers with the following colors: 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Purple, 2 Orange, 2 Red, 2 Black, & 2 Pink.

The 35 Pack holds a total of 35 non-toxic skin markers with the following colors: 5 Blue, 5 Green, 5 Purple, 5 Orange, 5 Red, 5 Black, & 5 Pink.

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