1. Shipping Time and Information?

Our standard policy is to ship all orders every day, orders after 11am(pacific time) will be shipped the following day. We offer three options with USPS, first class, priority and express mail. Orders over $99 that qualify for FREE SHIPPING will be shipped Fedex ground or according to the best rates vs. shipping time available. Check for delivery time estimates to your area. First class mail international usually takes 7-10 days but can sometimes take longer due to customs, if that is too long then try our Express Mail International service.

2. How can I come pick up my order in person?

We have an "In Store Pick Up" option at check out. Just click this option and you can come pick up your order in person, it will save on shipping costs if you're local. In store pick up hours are from 10am-2pm and all orders must be placed by 11am to be picked up on the same day. We hold orders 5 business days, after which we will refund your order and charge a small $10 restocking fee.

3. How long is the turnaround time on a machine once I order?

Once we have verified you as a professional tattoo artist they are built and shipped within 2-3 business days. If you'd like a full custom Tim Hendricks machine you can email him directly at

4. Do your machines come ready to use?

Yes. Every machine is hand built and tuned by the builder and ready to use out of the box. Therefore, every machine is made and tuned by the tattooer for the tattooer and will run the way a tattooer needs.

5. Are your machines guaranteed?

Yes. Machines made by Tim Hendricks are guaranteed for life. If you have any trouble with your machine just send it back and it will be re-tuned free of charge, as long as it has not been badly tampered with. Owner pays for shipping costs, please contact us to find out the specific shipping rates in your area. If shipping prices are too high for you to ship to us, due to international rates, then springs and necessary parts can be sent to you.

6. What is the Tattoo Pen™ and is it safe?

The Tattoo Pen™ is a ball point pen that was designed and created by Tim Hendricks for a specific job of writing on the skin for pre-tattoo purposes, a pattern drawn directly onto skin to make a tattoo. All ink in the Tattoo Pens is 100% non-toxic. Because of the widespread use of ballpoint pens amongst school children, all ballpoint pen formulas made in the USA are non-toxic, and yes, the Tattoo Pen™ is proudly made in the USA.

7. Can I be a distributer of the Tattoo Pen™?

No. We only sell directly to the tattooer. We have a select number of distributers in the UK and Europe. Our distributors In the USA are Lucky Supply and Old Standard Supply, they are two approved online sales of the Tattoo Pen™. Good Guy Supply is our Canadian distributor.

8. Can I try samples of your product?

Yes. We ship samples of pens, needles and Stencil Green by email request at and are very fond of feedback.

9. We are a tattooer owned company

We try our very best to hold the highest quality products made by tattooers for tattooers. Tim Hendricks, the founder of Saltwatertattoo Supply, tattoos nearly every day with the products he sells and/or makes. He stands by every item 100%.