Dringenberg Tubes

An American born tattooist, Dan Dringenberg, is a master tattoo machine builder. As a tattooist and machinist Dan combines his knowledge of how to create a clean tattoo, with how the proper tools help contribute to each jobs success. His customer base in the United States and abroad attests to the appeal of his craftsmanship and style. As a child Dan and his brother Rob made a tattoo shop in their bedroom closet. As a teen Dan began to hang around Fat George’s Tattoo Shop in La Puente, CA. As He began to learn the art of tattooing, He would eventually teach himself to tune a tattoo machine. George, impressed with his mechanical instinct, offered these words, “…as long as you live, there will always be a need for good tattoo equipment…” Inspired by that, Dan began making tubes and machines out of his fathers garage. One tube then one machine, His hard work and perseverance led him to where he is today. Dan’s history as a tattoo machine builder is outstanding. Recognized as a major influence to other top machine builders in the industry today. He has established himself as a machinist of considerable importance.