Solid Ink

Solid Ink

Solid Ink is the best tattoo ink on the market, we're sure of it. Made by tattooer Federico Ferroni. Committed in making the most solid colors possible, and using natural ingredients. Solid Ink is based out of Miami Beach, but Federico has been tattooing with this blend of ink around the world for years.

"I make my inks with the best available organic powder pigment in the market, blending this with Witch Hazel, Vegetal Kosher Glycerin, Distilled Water, and some alcohol. Since there is no such of thing like FDA control in tattoo inks, in the USA, I selected the most safe, absolutely non toxic pigments, according to their history, and records of being non allergic for the human skin. Achieving a great saturation of color, and excellent consistency after the blending process. This colors don't dry in the cup."

"I have been tattooing for a long time, always trying to improve my technique, my designs, and always used the best supplies available on the market. Choosing the right colors is one of the most important choices someone can make when executing a tattoo, to guarantee that you can obtain the right saturation, brightness, and solidity. I got obsessed with that. I realized that creating my color system, knowing exactly what I put in it, was going to lead me to create the best ink possible. SOLID INK." - Federico Ferroni

All products made in the USA.