Classic Wash - Sombra Grays

  • Classic Wash - Sombra Grays
  • Classic Wash - Sombra Grays
$20.00 - $150.00



Our classic light gray wash is smooth. Use it to ghost line or to just smooth out your gray tones. Heals nice and light.


Our classic medium wash is one that is sure to get used the most. A great tone to make your black and gray tattoos have that classic feel. Whip, skip, or stipple it will make your job easier. 


Our classic wash is great for small needle lining without the blowouts.Its a great dark tone to come off black, also whips, skips and stipples really easy.


Our classic wash set is as simple as it gets. It’s all you need to produce consistent gray tones with that classic look. Made with the finest quality organic pigments and ingredients available. Formulated for tattooing.

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