Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview

  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview
  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview
  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview
  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview
  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview
  • Gold DC Power Supply by Eagleview


Envisioned and created in collaboration with renowned tattoo artist Isaiah Toothtaker, implementing his progressive style using state of the art engineering coupled with years of tattooing experience and quality craftsmanship. The 260 Brass enclosure retains a polished finish to radiate a gold like appearance that won't rust and houses an all digital compact circuit board resting on a 304 stainless steel base for durability. This attractive and unique unit is designed specifically for tattooing, optimizing usage to smoothly run both standard two-coil and rotary tattoo machines alike. Eagleview has transformed the AC (alternate current) coming from the adapter into DC (direct current) inside the enclosure combining on demand power and reliability providing the tattooer with consistent currents throughout the tattoo cycle, resulting in ultra-pure DC power. Extreme filtering through over 4,000 microfarads of capacitance minimizes machine resonance, vibration, chatter spots and increases needle push-pull torque. New features include a voltage output range from 1 to 17 Volts, recessed foot pedal jack in back and a high accuracy voltage display (LCD) showing minute changes in output voltage.

Power Supply Features

  • Dimensions: 4.25in x 3.25in x 2.1in
  • Unit Weight: 16oz.
  • Polished 260 Brass enclosure
  • Pedal Lock 
  • Bi-color LED for pedal lock 
  • Recessed foot pedal in back
  • Optically coupled pedal jack prevents damage from static electricity
  • Optimized for both standard two-coil and rotary tattoo machines
  • Short circuit proof
  • High accuracy voltage display (LCD) shows minute changes in output voltage
  • Europlug adapter included: View country list
  • 1 year warranty on power supply parts and labor


Power Output Features

  • Ultra-Pure DC power
  • 24V 2A AC Adapter at 2.5M or 8ft. in length
  • Voltage output range 1-17V
  • 4,000+ Microfarads (uF) of capacitance
  • Increased needle push-pull torque
  • 110-240VAC 50~60Hz supports worldwide power. Auto ranging- no adjustment switch

Ultra-Pure DC Power

Standard power supply units or AC power supply units run on alternate currents. No matter how fancy they look, if measured in microfarads these units produce about 1,500uF which is around three times less efficient than any Eagle View DC Power Supply. Implementing state of the art engineering we transformed the AC power coming from the adapter into direct currents inside the enclosure. Minimal power is needed when the needle is on its way up so just about any power supply will work. However on its way down the needle needs at least twenty times more power to drive it plus the additional load of penetrating the skin, the demand is even higher. This means there is no collapse on the way up because the up and down stroke of the needle run at the same speeds, allowing the artist to work at a quicker more efficient rate. Eagle View uses quality craftsmanship to bring you the only all digital and true DC power supply of its kind.


Pedal Lock Feature

To keep the tattoo machine running without using the foot pedal, engage the pedal lock feature on the Gold DC Power Supply by simply pressing down and releasing the voltage adjustment knob and the Bi-Color LED will turn red. To unlock the pedal press down and release the voltage adjustment knob again or tap the foot pedal and the Bi-color LED will turn green.

Included with each purchase

  • Gold DC Power Supply
  • 24V 2A AC Adapter
  • Voltage Adjustment Knob
  • Europlug
  • Owner's Manual
  • Custom Eagle View Box


  • 1 year warranty on power supply parts and labor
  • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
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