Panther Skin

  • Panther Skin
  • Panther Skin


Introducing Panther Skin! PU thick: 0.01mm Transparent, Matte, ultra-thin, comfortable, breathable, and waterproof tattoo barrier film. The medical adhesive bandage is made of PU film, medical pressure-sensitive glue and release paper. The soft, stretchable material adapts well to body contours allowing you to move freely and protecting your fresh new ink! This bandage will prevent any outside contaminants from getting into your wound, as well as keeping your tattoo bright and peel free. 

  • Latex Free
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof

Although these medical grade materials have an extremely low allergy rate, we still recommend you test a strip on your clients skin for about 15-20min before applying to the tattoo to avoid any allergic reactions.


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